Welcome fellow Elder Scrolls Alchemists.

The purpose of this site, is to cover anything concerning the skill "Alchemy" in the games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", including all available ingredients, possible potion combinations and their effects.

Darliandor, Highelf, Warwizard

4th November, 2011 19:35 GMT+1

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
You can reach this site via http://skyrim.melian.cc as well. In the near future these too areas will be separated.

3rd November, 2011 7:45 GMT+1

Alchemy and Skyrim
I will be making a site for Skyrim and Alchemy as well. The new address will be available soon and i will let you know.

3rd February, 2011 13:219 GMT+1

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
So there will infact be a new chapture in the Elder Scrolls series. Time for a replay of Oblivion then and absorbing all the avilable information.
See it all at http://Elder Scrolls.com/ and at http://Elder Scrolls.com/skyrim.
I wonder what i can find out concerning Alchemy in this new chapture!

16th January, 2009 08:21 GMT+1

Belated Happy New Year to you all!
I noticed that there is still significant access to this little Alchemy lab. Good to see that the information presented here by several people is still of use to some of you players.

The Alchemy Wizard is still the most useful apparatus on this site. Also apologies for answering mails late, since i am not playing Oblivion actively anymore

22nd January, 2008 09:50 GMT+1

Oblivion seems to be popular on PS3 as well. I also noticed this since PS3 appears in the browsers statistics of this site. As new platforms join the Oblivion experience i will finally also update the ingredient section of this site to reflect ingredients from Shivering Isles.

13th June, 2007 21:10 GMT+1

During the last days i received an excellent Excel Ingredient Spreadsheet from another fellow Oblivion player.
As it displays the ingredients ingredients in a totally different way, you should take a look.

17th May, 2007 09:30 GMT+1

Shivering Isles Ingredients have been added to the Alchemy Wizard
Thanks to an anonymous Oblivion player named John, the Alchemy Wizard has now been updated with the Shivering Isles ingredients. Those ingredients have the abbreviation (SI) behind their ingredient names.

1st April, 2007 10:21 GMT+1

Shivering Isles Ingredients will be added to the database
No, this is not an april's fool joke! The expansion has reached my shores and i will add those ingredients to the database, distinguishing them with a prefix.

7th April, 2006 08:10 GMT+1

The Alchemy Wizard
I am happy to tell you all that cube3, a poster at the official forums, maintains his fabulous Alchemy Wizard at the Alchemy Lab from now on.
Enjoy this nifty tool, to find powerful potions and deadly poisons!
Thank you cube3 for this friendly cooperation.

A have made a little minor correction in the Ingredient list. "Dispel" is a positive effect and not negative! To anyone who used my list as reference for his own information page, please update your data.

22nd Juli, 2006 12:37 GMT+1

After a long time with alot of work, sun and fun outside i am prepared to delivr some updates, that have been direly needed. Mostly this concerns pictures of ingredients and an updated Alchemy FAQ with all the formulas concerned with magnitude and duration of potions and the general strength of potions.
Also i will create a simple potion make where you just add ingredients and get the result. You can then name those potions and submit them easily to the site, if not someone else has already submitted that particular potion combination.
So stand by and look for updates the next couple of weeks. Have fun with Alchemy in Oblivion!

5st April, 2006 12:17 GMT+1

As a next step in the site development, the Ingredient List is now dynamic and you can select effects to filter the list.
Also there is more information available for each ingredient now, like for example the Alkanet Flower.
Soon i will add more selection boxes so that multiple effects can be chosen. Also additional effects that might filter into the potion will be highlighed.

1st April, 2006 09:16 GMT+1

A fellow Alchemist pointed me to a useful "Alchemy Wizard", which he made himself. The wizard calculates potions based on effects and gives a list of possible ingredient combinations.

The Tool is written in Javascript and requires Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox. Have a peak at it here!

30th March, 2006 23:25 GMT+1

Added some new potions and poisons in the Potions/Poisons section. Thanks for the fellow alchemists who made a submission.

27th March, 2006 23:21 GMT+1

My information about the amount of potions that can be in effect at the same time was wrong. Infact this is not goverened by your skill in Alchemy, but a set value.

The Construction Set indicates that this was a possible feature, which never got implemented. Read more about it in the Alchemy FAQ.

26th March, 2006 23:38 GMT+1

OneEyedZiggy's Alchemy Calculator1.7 is now available in a new updated Version, which has some bugs fixed.

26th March, 2006 19:13 GMT+1

OneEyedZiggy's Alchemy Calculator 1.2 is now available in a new updated Version, which now contains all ingredients present in the game.

Also i missed out some few ingredients in my list, which have been added now aswell.

26th March, 2006 12:05 GMT+1

A new page with some sample potions and poison has been added to the site!

This Potions and Poison section also contains a nifty little Alchemy Calculator, made by OneEyedZiggy, a poster at the official forums.
Alot of thanks go to him, for programming this tool (which is available for Windows users) and making it available for all of us!

Also the Alchemy FAQ has been updated with some answers.

26th March, 2006 07:39 GMT+1

Thanks for someone to send an Email that i missed out 2 ingredients in my complete Ingredient List!

23th March, 2006 21:05 GMT+1

Finally I have a complete Ingredient List, Nirn Root and some other curious ingredients included.

Next step will be a filter for the ingredient list, depending on your skill in Alchemy and/or preselected effects.

22th March, 2006 08:00 GMT+1

I would like to thank Traxis, a poster at the Official Forums for finding out which effects get into a potion if you have reached Master Perk in Alchemy and are able to mix potions from 1 ingredient. The 1st effect on the added ingredient gets into the potion.

Read up on it in the Alchemy FAQ! Have a look at the Ingredient List for the possible 1st effects on ingredients.

21th March, 2006 17:10 GMT+1

How many potions can be in effect at once are determined by your skill in Alchemy. For more information look into the Alchemy FAQ!

21th March, 2006 10:09 GMT+1

All i can say, i nearly had an alchemical orgasm, when i read about the Alchemy skill perks. See for yourself in the Alchemy FAQ!

16th March, 2006 09:08 GMT+1

I now have a nearly complete Ingredient list with ALL effects up. Go and have a look now!

A BIG "Thank you!" to Ascent from the Official Elder Scrolls forums, for typing out those ingredients and posting them!

14th March, 2006 22:35 GMT+1

Some people have already received their Oblivion Strategy guide and have thankfully been answering some questions. I have some news about the different Alchemy apparatus. Actually they are the same as in Morrowind and also have the same effects when used to make potions.

11th March, 2006 00:30 GMT+1

New information on plants has turned up in the Bethsoft Newsletter. Beautiful pictures of a lush country side.

I have updated the Alchemy FAQ and also some ingredients again.

8th March, 2006 00:09 GMT+1

I have received some input from some fellow posters on the Official Oblivion forums and will start adding that information in the next couple of days. Thanks kindly for the provided information.

The Alchemy FAQ has been updated and i have added a basic ingredient list.

6th March, 2006 22:45 GMT+1

The release of "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion" is at our doorsteps and the game will be available for sale in Europe from dates between 20th March 2006 and 24th March 2006.

The purpose of this site, is to cover anything concerning the skill "Alchemy" in the game "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion", including all available ingredients, possible potion combinations and their effects.

The data and images will be presented in various different ways, as with my previous Alchemy Lab for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
So you can expect an ingredient list, possibly if there are restocking vendors, a restocking vendor list and detailed information on each ingredient and its effect.
Of course we will have a Potion Mixer ready and possibly also an enhanced version of the Dwemer Potion Machine.

For a start I have compiled a Oblivion Alchemy FAQ, that will serve some questions and answers of what we know to date about Alchemy in this game, as gathered from developer quotes, interviews and reliable posts from the various forums. The Elder Scrolls Links section covers other useful official and unofficial sites and will grow as we come closer to release.