The Alchemy Wizard

Dear fellow Alchemists, the Alchemy Wizard has been update to support new ingredients from the "Shiver Isles" Expansion. Ingredients from this expansion are annotated with an (SI) abbreviation behind the ingredient name. Thanks go to John, a fellow Oblivion player :)

Welcome to the Oblivion Alchemy Wizard, created by cube3 from the Official Elder Scrolls Forums. I'd like to thank Darliandor for hosting the Wizard on his amazing site. I hope you find the Oblivion Alchemy Wizard useful in discovering powerful new potions and poisons!

This version is currently supported with the newest Browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. In addition you need to have JavaScript enabled! Please send me a message or post feedback if you experience any problems.

Mastery Level:
How to use the Alchemy Wizard
  • Select your alchemy Mastery level
  • Select a potion Type to exclude side-effects
  • Select the effects you want
  • A list of ingredients are then shown
  • Select ingredients to view their effects
  • Post feedback (Elder Scrolls Forum)
If no effects are selected, then all ingredients are shown, so you can create your own custom potions. Just click on an ingredient to start.
Potion Effect Types:
Effect(s): Auto Search

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient