The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Links.

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Javascript Alchemy Wizard

A fellow alchemist created this useful Javascript Tool, which will generate the possible ingredients needed to make potions with a range of 4 selected effects.
The tools very fast and efficient.

Requirements are that you have Javascript enabled and are using Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox. But enough of my squabble, take a look at the tool here!

YAAH - Yet Another Alchemy Helper

YAAH is a stand-alone tool to go with TESIV: Oblivion. YAAH allows you to find the ingredients for a desired alchemical effect, or all ingredients that match another given ingredient. Template-driven HTML export gives you ready-to-print recipe lists. With its modular data structure, YAAH can be adapted to fit current and coming updates and mods.

Download it here:

General Links

Official The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion site!

The mother of all Oblivion sites. Updated information on anything new in Oblivion, including reviews, fan sites, game basics, official plug-ins and so on!

The UESP - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Now that's a volume of great amount of information - well as long as you can access the site, which is rather random :(.

Destination: Morrowind

Will like with Morrowind contain Mods and helpful FAQ and has well visited forums =).

Hannah's Whereizit Oblivion FAQ

Links to Elder Scrolls Oblivion site, forums and plugins.

Oblivion Alchemy by Effect

A nice page that lists ingredients by effect, rather than the other way around.

Xanathar's "The Imperial Library"

ALL books from the Elder Scrolls series, searchable and sorted. Also has diverse article on Elder Scrolls lore and history.

Waiting for Oblivion

A site dedicated to gathering all available information about Oblivion form developer quotes and other sources. This site also has nice forums and extensive information about TES 3: Morrowind.

Oblivion Down

A bigger hub site with its own forums and download section for mods. Very well thoughout design :)

Oblivion Online

Oblivion Online covers The Elder Scrolls 3; Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon as well as The Elder Scrolls 4, Oblivion. All the information, downloads, cheats and screenshots you need for your Elder Scrolls gaming.

Beyond Oblivion

Oblivion Character Creation

A very nifty and nice tool, for creating your characters online through a website.